Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A little bragging :)

I've always thought our daughter Allison was very creative. Every time we go on vacation together she will take pictures that I would never think of taking because she sees the beauty where I overlook it. For example, I think the above photos that she took are beautiful but they are not pictures that I would have ever seen. The beauty is there but I would have overlooked it.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes you have a very creative daughter, Neal.... I've learned so much from blogging.. I've learned to look at things with new eyes that I never saw before.

There are some things which I still refuse to photograph (like squirrels)---but I do take more pictures of various things now than I ever used to.

We've had a wonderful day today at the beach... Beautiful weather after the rain yesterday (clear, sunny, breezy, warm---PERFECT)...


George said...

I have a feeling that your daughter may have gotten her 'eye' from her father. But I do agree there is a beauty in each of these pictures. The 'bragging' is justified.

Carletta said...

Hi Neal,
She has a great eye! I love them all. Had to smile at the sub in the weeds. Hubs worked on those things for years. He'll enjoy this pic. :)