Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blanket of leaves

I took this a couple weeks ago and thought it was pretty. I know it's simple as far as pictures but I just love fall so this was beautiful to me.


Carletta said...

I think I can hear the crunch under your feet. :) I love fall too but sadly it's over way too soon. I'm staring at bare trees out my window and rain today.
I don't think I could ever think of one of your pictures as simple.
In fact you left that little patch of green in the upper left that gives this a nice dimension.

Rose said...

Neal, this is just beautiful!

Tom said...

Yes Neal this is beautiful.... It brings out the kid in me as I would have not been able to hold back from running around and kicking the leaves about.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great photo, Neal.... Those leaves look like a blanket... By the way, do you need the best leaf blower and raker in the world to come up there and get your leaves up??????? I come CHEAP.


George said...

Sometimes the simple pictures are the best. This is a beautiful blanket of leaves. I can appreciate the beauty since I won't have to rake them!

Julie said...

Beautiful shots, I love all your fall photos.