Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Ridge Parkway


Rose said...

Neal, these are fabulous! I hope you are planning to post more.

Carletta said...

Rose left me a note that you had posted today. :)
These shots are stunning - leaves me a little breathless at the beauty!
Hope you're well.

Tom said...

Ha! Neal
I do drop by and check when I can... I was delighted to see these captures.... what loverly views these are... I have spent part of the day looking at Benches and Sky Watch pictures... I can say with hand on heart I'm more than pleased you postd today.

dot said...

Amazing pictures. What a view!

George said...

You got some beautiful pictures from the Blue Ridge Parkway. I really like the mist risng from the valleys.

Tina said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!! Wow and Wow! What vistas. I am glad you have been so busy this summer hope you had a fun and interesting one..soon we all will be hibernating behind our computers..looking thru all our photo files of what we found interesting this past summer.!! :-)