Friday, July 10, 2009

Winter wonderland

Since it's the middle of July I thought now would be a good time to post the above pictures for my friend Betsy since she likes snow so well. :)


Carletta said...

I opened your blog and saw the pics and thought to myself 'he doesn't like snow - what's up?'

Neal being Neal! :)

Betsy should love them. The snow is deep enough to need a path - perfect. I haven't had a summer vacation yet or I'd be ready to say bring on the snow.

Rose said...

I think it beautiful...I think Betsy is gone for the weekend so you will have to remind her when she gets back.

Tina said...

Brrrr...I remember these days..just like they were!!
Beautiful shots Neal...but I can wait a loooong time for these images to come back!!

Tom said...

When ever we get snow like this it makes me very happy.. as it's the only time my garden looks as good as my neighbours.. :O)
Today my blogs show Road Names and Grandchildren Play
Have a great weekend

Tina said...

Thanks for visiting my latest blog post and leaving that link! I actually remember your post on the P-38 and how you visited it during its restoration. We have followed Glacier Girl and her restoration, (plus own the dvd of her coming out of the ice, how neat was that but oh so sad for so many of the original men who went for her and sad stories of lost marriages and $$$ failures)! We have seen her fly several times with Steve Hinton, as her pilot. We almost made the trip down to Kentucky to see her first flight, that would have been sweet. Did you catch that? Her home is now in Southern Ca. and she is flying the West coast airshow circuit. We are going to Oshkosh Air Show at the end of the month (in Wisconsin) and I think she is suppose to be there!! If she is I will take some pix for you and send them to you!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Neal.... Those are GREAT pictures. I DO love snow... I love the way it clings to evergreens (like your third picture).

NOW--that you brought me some snow. will you please let it be a little COOLER here this summer... PUH-LEASE!!! Thanks Friend!!!!

We're home after a wonderful weekend in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains. I'll post in the morning.

Hope you had a great weekend. You and your wife are welcome here anytime. Just let us know!!!


George said...

Neal, it sure was nice of you to think of Betsy and publish these pictures. Even I appreciated them since it was very warm down here yesterday. I needed the cool thoughts.

dot said...

I always enjoy snow pictures. The stop sign sure shows up good.