Tuesday, June 9, 2009





Has anyone else ever seen a white milkweed? We went down to where our daughter is working yesterday (Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge) and she showed us this milkweed which was white as you can see. I've never ever seen one before and I've been around milkweed all my life. It looked healthy and was surrounded by other normal looking milkweed.
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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Neal, I never seem to hear from you much anymore. Guess you are having a busy summer. I know it is nice to have her daughter close by for the summer.

I've always heard of milkweed--but can't remember seeing it (or at least I have forgotten). That white one is really pretty... What color is Milkweed usually??? Green????

George said...

I've never seen white milkweed either. Is there such a thing as an albino plant?

Rose said...

I thought you had been playing with photoshop till I read...never seen one of these in all my years either.

Tina said...

You always are so kind with your comments on my blog..thank you!!
I, too, have never seen milkweed that looks like this. Quite interesting!!
To answer your question that you left on my last post...my camera is a Nikon D-60 with a 300mm lens with stablizer.
I am finding out how difficult it is to take pixs of birds..they just don't seem to want to sit still very long..no matter how far the lens reaches!! ;-0

Carletta said...

I was thinking the same thing as George - it must be possible.
Great find and shot - otherwise we wouldn't believe you. ;)

Thanks for asking - yes, I'm doing pretty good. I hope you are too. Like Betsy noted, you've been pretty quiet.

Anonymous said...

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