Saturday, May 23, 2009




I took a couple pictures of my wife's flowers. She's had the lady slipper for years and even moved it from our previous house. She's tried to find a pink one but we've never run upon one.
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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neal---where have you been? I thought you had dropped off of the earth!!! ha

Great flowers. I love the Lady Slipper.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

George said...

The lady slipper is beautiful. I think the pink ones must be quite rare as we've only seen pictures of them as well. But your wife obviously grows some beautiful flowers.

Tina said...

Such a wonderful flower that lady slipper.. I can see why your wife moved it from you other home!!
I love your header photo..such a great scene!!
Your pictures are always so nice!! You always do such a nice job on your posts!!

Rose said...

My favorite of your header photos popped up today! sometimes I set and hit refresh until it appears!

Beautiful is the only word that comes to mind for your photos.