Saturday, April 18, 2009

Strip pits


We went down to see Rose yesterday and spent the night and of course we went out to her famous strip pits. We saw pheasants, deer, killdeer, geese, and ducks. One of the killdeer we saw had little ones and I got out and took some pictures of them since they couldn't run in the grass very well. Of course, mama was having a fit when we were close to her little ones. :) The sunset was also beautiful.
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Rose said...

These turned out pretty good, considering the time of day we were there. Mine did not turn out at all. (you forgot to say we saw a beaver.)

I took a nap after you guys left, then went out there earlier in the evening. I seen an owl, one Northern Harrier, a couple pheasants, and I can't even think what else.

Tina said...

OMGoodness, how cute..I would LOVE to see a nest of these birds..such striking colors and oh that call..over and over and over again!!
I bet Mom was upset..but now her baby is bloggy famous!!
Great pics, Neal!

Carletta said...

I've seen some killdeer but no eggs or babies yet.
I just left Rose a note saying I wish I could go to the strip pits with her - no fair Neal! :)

Sadly my daughter's apartment got robbed a few weeks ago and her laptop was stolen so I will be without a PC. I'll catch up with you in a few weeks. Behave yourself!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I did have a ringing in my ears at the weekend... was that you and Rose talking about me then.. :O)

George said...

Is Rose now offering tours of her strip pits? I'd like to go there since she gets so many wonderful pictures. You did a good job with these -- I just hope the mother has recovered by now.