Friday, March 20, 2009

Ohio River

While we were in southern IN we sat and watch several barges go through the locks on the Ohio River. As you can see in the bottom photo one is in the locks waiting to be raised to the upstream level. I would love to go on one trip on a barge to see what kind of life style they lead. I had a first cousin that used to work on a barge. He would be one the river for 28 days and then get to be home for 28 days. At least it would be possible to keeep in touch with your family since cell phones could be used. Another thing that we've noticed is that about 90 percent of the plants on the Ohio River are on the KY side. I would guess that KY gives them better tax breaks that IN.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat! When my sons were little, we took them through the locks --but I cannot remember where we were... I'll have to ask my 'ex' where we did that. I know it wasn't in Ohio though..

It was interesting--and I remember being on a boat and being raised up to the upstream level.

Interesting how the plants/factories are on the KY side....

Have a great evening.

donwiley2 said...

Very interesting about "barge" life on the river and the observation about the difference in density of plants.
My state is that way too... businesses go next door to Idaho even if right on the state line.

Carletta said...

Great shots Neal! We have lots of locks around but I've never 'caught' a boat in one yet.
I can't image 28 days on the river at a time but like you said in today's world a cell phone would keep you in touch and it wouldn't seem so lonely as it probably used to be.
Hope you're having a great Sunday!