Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chickamauga Battlefield

We went to Chattanooga 2-3 years ago and while we were there we decided to visit the Chickamauga Battlefield. I've always like to visit Civil War places but this one was extra special to me. However, I always come away sad when I think about all the lives that were lost.
There was a gun collection there but I don't recall how many guns there were but there was row after row like the picture above. I took the top picture because I worked and retired from Eli Lilly & Company and the founder of the company was in the Civil War.


George said...

Thanks, Neal, for the memories. I visited Chickamauga several years ago -- I'll have to look up my pictures. I, too, enjoy visiting Civil War sites.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neal---I think you and George have alot in common. He too enjoys Civil War sites. He's so smart--and when he takes me to some of these Civil War sites, I feel as if I have a built-in tour guide with me!!!

Great pictures.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neal---I forgot to tell you that I just now (DUH) noticed the statement written under Photographic Memories on your header. That statement is SO true!!! The best things in life are NOT things... Great quote!!!

Carletta said...

Hi Neal,
More great shots here! I really like the middle one. It looks like the tower from a castle - seems out of place for a battlefield.

dot said...

The husband and I visited there a few years ago but we got into an argument about something (can't remember what) and didn't stay long. I can't remember anything about the place. I do love Chattanooga though.
We've been to Andersonville several times. That's a sad place also.

Rose said...

You know Roger would probably be able to tell you details about each and every gun there! He would love looking at those..

Louise said...

I lived near Chattanooga for a year and didn't know about this place. (Or maybe not care--I was in college.) I remember Chickamauga lake, though. Interesting place and terrific pictures!